Is Cleaning Your Browsing Data Enough? Think Again!

Google has a great tool to actually and really clean your browsing history, cookies, and data.
With Chrome being used a lot and also G-Suite for companies, do yourselves and your companies a favor and delete everything at least once per week.
When you click on History on Chrome,
Bottom left you see: Your Google Account may have other forms of browsing history at

Click on it and you will see another set of activities you had no idea about. So next to each day, click the garbage bin and delete. See picture below:

Keep going down and delete every day.

After you have deleted everything, you will see:
Good job!
Close this tab, go back to your history, and clean your browsing data as well:

If you get in the habit of cleaning everything, you will be safer.
We do banking, meetings, financial transactions online.
Why leave a trace for any hacker behind?
The first time I had to delete 5 years worth of data.
Took me about 45 minutes.
After that day, I clean both history and my activity every night before I switch off my computer and it takes literally 3 minutes at most.

So spread the word! Tell your teams, your employees, family members, friends!
And this applies to both PC and Apple computers, and laptops.

Social Media Risks

When you call yourself an Executive of any organization, know that you represent this organization 24/7 and on every platform that you use.

You are the admin of a business page on Facebook.
Basic knowledge: Your personal profile is connected to this business page.
Do yourself a favor and NEVER repost, share, or simply post stuff that has been proven to be hoaxes.
You put your profile and every connection and business you are related to in danger.

You can’t just “like” a post by a business page you work with.
Educate yourself!
Invite ALL your connections to like the page you represent!
SHARE every post of the business page to your timeline.
Add comments!

This goes for Facebook, LinkedIn AND Twitter!

IF you call yourself a professional, act and behave accordingly!
No matter your title, do NOT be uppity, ALWAYS be open to learning, keep researching and respect the Organization you represent!