8 Behaviors of the World’s Best Managers

In nearly every dimension of business success, the manager makes the difference. From diversity and inclusion to productivity and retention, the manager plays a singular role in the life of an employee.

In fact, Gallup’s analysis has shown that the quality of a manager accounts for 70% of the variance in team engagement.

And yet most managers learn best management practices based on managers they’ve had (who may have been good or bad) — or based on stereotypes in their head about what “leadership” is.

Learn what makes a great manager from the world’s best managers from some of the world’s most engaged organizations.


Helping friends looking for work

We all know by now how many people are desperate for income and a job.
I see time and again people posting on sites like LinkedIn that they are open for work.
Others, message connections and friends about their need.
The most common reply I see is: “Oh I will definitely look around”.
That’s it.
No further communication.

Also companies that do receive an application, have an automated response that arrives via email. After this, nothing.

What needs to change?
Well, first of all friends can actually help by taking some action and notify their circle of fellow professionals that a friend who is a great candidate is looking for work.
Companies that do not want to hire a team member who has worked for them in the past, should be honest and write on their job posts, that former employees will not be considered for re-hiring.

A lot of people are feeling the frustration, the ghosting, and agony of running around in circles, month after month with zero results.
Let’s all unite and find a better way to help fellow professionals who are really hurting for some much needed income!

Data Privacy

Celebrate Data Privacy Day by making sure you’re following best practices to protect your data and your privacy. There’s no better time to review the security procedures that can protect you, your family and your business from unwanted intrusions.
Tips and reminders to help you keep your data private
1 Protect your personal information. Everything you do online, or on your mobile devices, or even via the Internet of Things exposes you to criminal actors and unwanted invasions of your privacy. Check out StaySafeOnline.org to find out ways you can make small changes that yield bigger protections.
2 Review the data your apps have access to. Delete unused apps and review privacy settings and permissions. Go into your device’s settings to review and change permissions you may not even have been aware certain apps had, like access to call logs, microphone and your location.
3 Tighten up Social Media permissions to avoid leaks. First, make sure you’ve turned off public sharing. Then, only accept friend requests from people you know and trust. Finally, review each network’s privacy policies and check the settings on your devices.
4 Control who can track you on the web. Surfing the web leaves you vulnerable to cyber attacks and identity theft. Start by getting into the habit of clearing your cache and deleting cookies daily, via your browser’s settings. Also don’t automatically accept “cookies.” Most reputable websites will offer you a “manage cookies” option where you can deselect options that invade your privacy.
5 Update Internet of Things (IoT) passwords. Many IoT devices, such as smart lights, voice-controlled smart speakers and home hubs, come with default passwords which leave you open to hacking and spying.



New Hires and Payment

With the entire business structure changing around us, there are a few tips and risks.
If you are starting a business:
Do not rent a space yet. Keep your overhead as low as possible.
You will need help to establish your business and it is much better to have some money to pay those you need to hire, rather than paying for office space.
Times are changing. Having an office does not make you successful. Your team does!

If you are an existing business but are struggling, you have a dilemma:
Do you need a space? If yes, you will have to adjust your operations to survive.
If no, then move out. It will save you major operational costs, and might save some of your employees.

If you need help:
DO NOT hire anyone who is in dire need of income free of charge with a promise of a salary “when things get better”.
Millions of people are struggling for income so that they can eat and pay their rents and so much more.
It is an insult and unprofessional if you tell someone to work for you without pay.
Even if your intentions are the best, a promise for future payment does not ensure anyone’s survival during these very hard times.

Modernize, adjust, cut unnecessary costs and always do the best, while being 100% professional and respectful to those you need to hire.


What If

2020 is coming to an end.
It has been hard, heartbreaking and a huge lesson all at the same time.

Seeing what risks and closures of businesses are happening daily, I have thought hard about some what ifs:

  1. What if we are on a bridge to a different way of living and doing business?
  2. What if all the brilliant minds on the planet can come together and change what we grasp as normal?
  3. What if everything we think we know is about to change?

All these what ifs came to mind, because I found myself thinking about past generations.
A mere 25 years ago, we did not have widespread internet, video conferencing, social media. Imagine if this horrid pandemic had struck then.
Now we can “see” people we work with and family members daily and free of charge.
We are walking through a portal that might be the brink of a different life.

Horse carriages to cars.
Ships to airplanes.
Fire to stoves.
Typewriters to computers.

Just think about this. Maybe what we take for granted now will change. Maybe just maybe this change might be good for all of us.
Maybe the way we interact with each other will change.

It is up to each and every one of us to keep the flame of hope going strong, and also be wide open to changes.
Flexibility to change, to the next step of life on this planet.

Have a blessed New year everyone!

Online Purchase ALERT

Happened to me today. An online seller, asked me to take a picture of my id card on both sides to “verify” my purchase!

NEVER EVER do this!

If any online seller asks you for personal information of any kind, just CANCEL your transaction immediately!!!

Be very careful. You should NEVER purchase anything online from any ecommerce company that asks for personal data.
If you take a picture of your ID, all your information can very easily be hacked, stolen and you will be in big trouble!


Saying Thank you

There are people out there who take everything for granted. In our hectic world things get lost in the shuffle. This is not ok under any circumstances.
Despite what people think, there is still etiquette in business of every kind, and it applies to all, whether it is an assistant, a manager, a
business owner, or a colleague.

People in every level of the workforce do their work, a lot of them go out of their way to help, take the extra step to make things easier.
The right thing to do is to respond immediately, and send a short
thank you note. There is no excuse for taking anyone’s efforts and work for granted. It shows poor manners, poor judgment and in the end lack of politeness. The oxymoron here is that the same people who do not reply or acknowledge what you do for them, complain when they need something and it is not done or they do not get a response.
Guess what? You can’t have it both ways!
I have spoken about organizing your work but I am writing now about the way to be a great leader, colleague, manager, employer, and friend.
Networking, doing business of any kind, being present in today’s communities, businesses and relationships, doesn’t allow you to be nonchalant, forgetful, or dismissive.
Thank you is a word that takes you very far, whether you send an email, call someone, text them or simply talk to them.
When I train people the first thing I mention is, that being “there”, assertive, honest and giving it your all will take you far. BUT there is another aspect to this. Gratitude is another big asset. Whether you are grateful for someone’s work or help, or when someone thanks you for what you’ve done, makes all the difference. It validates your efforts, and of course makes you want to work twice as hard knowing that your work is being appreciated.
When I say work, I encompass every action; an interesting introduction, a first-time meeting, an assignment well done, a completion of a flawless event, you name it.
We need to be aware of other people’s kindness, hard work and existence. When we dismiss anyone, we will “get what we pay for”. The people surrounding us, will not give it another thought, will just do their daily tasks and will not go out of their way any longer to make sure that you are served.
And when we talk about free lancers, people for hire,
independent contractors, professionals of every kind who work with clients, beware! If you are the client, you might get dropped, because although in today’s market people need their hard-earned money, they’d rather work with less clients and be acknowledged and heard, than work with someone who doesn’t apply themselves, is dismissive, forgetful and disorganized.
Think about this and if you implement some good manners, and start listening to the people you hire for their expertise, you will end up being more successful, better in your field and have an easier life!

Who are you? How do you define your life?

Are you happy? Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you coping with the turmoil around us all?

We all watch shows, listen to others and their comments, advice, opinions…

But how do we process all this? What do we actually learn?
How open are we to embracing our true potential, how open are we to something new?
We all nod and agree while discovering a new idea, listening to something profound!

I was mesmerized by something very simple yet very honest and true Dr. Maya Angelou said:
“When you receive, give. When you learn, teach!”

Life is giving us lessons on a daily basis. Do we really listen? Are we really in tune with what is happening around us?
Do we care what happens in our family, our neighborhood, our town, in the world?
Do we give all that even a second thought?

Think about it for a moment.
Bickering, vitriol, gossip and the list goes on and on and on….

WHY? Why can’t we co-exist as humans and really be happy for someone’s success?
Why don’t we turn our words into actions?
Why do we get caught up in words and not true actions?

Even our politicians do that all the time. They disagree with their opponents, but instead of offering another idea or solution, they simply fill our TV sets, Social Media platforms and radios with negative comments, complaints, and attack each other in the most vicious way.
Nothing gets solved with negativity.

Deceit, the race to make more money, the easiness with which we scam other people in order to succeed… boggles my mind.
Is this why we came to this world? Is this how we truly want to live?

Let us all take a step back and realize that our lives are not to be taken for granted. Tragedies happen daily and then we pause for a moment, agree that we should be better, a few days pass and on we go having forgotten everything, just because it didn’t happen to us, to our own family or friends.

Shouldn’t we be in tune with our surroundings? Shouldn’t we take our cues from people who are really trying to make a positive difference in this world?

Time passes with lightning speed. Let us all make a promise to ourselves that we will at least make that phone call, forgive ourselves for past mistakes, forgive others who have wronged us and become better people.

We all can do this, for the good of our own lives!


NOTHING personal at work

While teaching in Europe some years ago, I was asked a very interesting question:
“How do you act or re-act when you feel threatened or unhappy at work?”

There is not one simple reply to this. When you do have work, you have an income. First of all be thankful for that. Times are really tough and making emotional changes to spite your old job is not to your benefit.
Things change fast in our career paths. Businesses change hands, situations arise that are beyond our control. Instead of feeling bitter about it and showing it with lack of enthusiasm, or even by feeling sorry for yourself, adapt. Life throws us curve balls all the time. At the same time, life is too short and too valuable.
Take a breath, take a step back and focus on your needs. There is NOTHING personal in any work environment. You don’t have to “like” everyone at work, you don’t have to be friends with everyone. Do your job, do it right, don’t complain, because you drag a dark cloud in your psyche and guess what? All you attract is negative energy, and of course failure.
Be polite, partake in functions, even open your home for co-workers and colleagues. Knowing how to behave like someone who has self respect and control, is everything you need. Kindness toward your team goes a long way.

Time Management

The days go by like a whirlwind. Evening comes and your head is spinning.
A simple way to manage your time efficiently is to create an action calendar.

Simply create an excel sheet with the 7 days of the week, then add all the hours of the day from the moment you wake up.

For starters, give yourself 20
minutes to shower and get dressed.

30 minutes to eat breakfast (NEVER SKIP THIS MEAL), it will give you energy for the entire day.
10 to 15 minutes to make your bed.
Here starts your actual day. Switch your phone on after you’re done.

Look at your meetings or chores and errands for the day. This is very doable if you stick to it. While meeting with a customer for instance, forget that you even own a phone. It can wait. Distractions like that only frazzle you and create unnecessary stress. There is nothing that cannot be handled 15 minutes or half an hour later.
Pick a specific time of day to listen to your messages and answer your emails.
Pick a specific day of each week to do grocery shopping, drive by your
dry cleaners and clean your house.
Don’t arrange to do everything at once. Each day can handle one domestic errand, plus your work, or routine.

It took me years to realize that one can’t do everything in one day. We have made ourselves work so hard that we lose control of time. If we lose our drive and energy due to stress and disorganization, then we don’t live life. We simply go through the motions like a robot and we don’t succeed, simply because we try to tackle every possible task and fir it in 24 hours.
Make sure that you sleep 7-8 hours every night. Try to switch off phones, televisions and computers before you go to bed. Give yourself some time to wind down, relax and take any electronic device away from your bedroom. Such frequencies only overload your already tired brain and this is the time that all the thoughts come rushing in, when you should dedicate the time to re-energize your body, spirit and brain to be able to do it all again the next day.
Put this strategy to the test for at least a month and finally it will come natural to you, you will begin each day energized, organized and at the end of each day you will feel that you have actually accomplished what you needed to.